A Toronto, Canada Mountain Bike Team's 2005 journey - stories, photos, comments.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

The Squeezer 2005 Race Report

The 2005 Squeezer Bike Race was a wet and slick course with some very tricky sections that made it quite dangerous at times and also made it the slowest Squeezer to date. There was yet another uphill finish to deal with (as well as the Devil and his cape) but everyone hammered up it as best as they could. The slippery conditions caused Derrick to have a nasty spill early in the race and unfortunately he was not able to finish due to a fractured AC. The Team wishes Derrick a speedy recovery! The other members of Team Overdraught had awesome finishes with some really fast times. Dean finished in 1:29:56.4 which put him 56th overall out of 1149 riders and an awesome category finish of 12th out of 302 Men 40-49. Marty came in at 1:31:45.5, good enough for 65th overall and a category finish of 13th out of 139 Men 20-29. Mike had a few wipeouts but was still able to smoke the course in 1:33:56.6, ranking him 90th overall and 19th in his category (Men 19-29). Big, bad Drew came in at 1:50:34.6, 386th overall and 12th out of 39 Double Mags. And Brenda rounded out the team with a time of 1:57:47.5 putting her in 569th overall, 35th fastest woman out of 161 and 14th out of 60 Women 30-39. Afterwards the team enjoyed some of the tastes of the Niagara Wine Festival and some cool doorprizes. Special thanks to Mike's parents for some yummy treats at their home in Niagara Falls. It was another great experience for the team but probably the last race in 2005 for most of us. Congratulations to all racers this year for some outstanding efforts and I'm sure all of us can't wait till next season to have a chance to claim the title of "The Smoking Ass".

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Drew - Having A Little Too Much Fun !!!!!! Dean, Just wants to stop and "smell the roses"

Durham Durango - Oh What A Day !

It was a spectacular day for the race. A very respectable turn out showed up at beautiful Durham Forest. Incidentally a large portion of the race utilized the Walker property across the road. The course was laid out to be very challenging with many-a-climb and extremely fast decents !
Derrick, Drew and I were feeling good and happy to be a part of such an awesome event.
I personally was in a funny mood, once i was a few .kms into the race I had the feeling that i just wanted to go for a leisurely ride. My competitive side would not let me do that but I had to fight the urge to slow down and "smell the roses" all the way along. Wierd, first time thats happened to me.
There was a very high calibre of competitors and I had the feeling that I was being passed by the entire field. Luckily , I'd had a good start, so I did not fall back as far as I thought.
Jammed chain, dropped hammer gel and some bottle necks forced me off my bike more than I would have liked. But I was able to get a rhythm back and keep pace with some of the faster riders. All in all, it was a fun, great day!
Unfortunatley Derrick got clipped by an "unknown rider" and was sent flying 5 metres from his chariot. It was a few minutes before he could shake it off and resume his ride. His bike had some brake damage but luckily he was able to continue on. Way to go Derrick, you warrior, and you had the battle scars to prove it!
Drew had a very good and steady race with no broken or damaged parts.......bike or body ..!!!
The results were :
8th Dean Mulvenna from Uxbridge TIME 1:39:14.98 AVG SPEED 18.29
21st Derrick Cho from Toronto TIME 1:51:41.59 AVG SPEED 16.26
9th Drew Quarrie ReynoldsCycle TIME 2:17:43.60 AVG SPEED 13.18

Congratulations to Mike, Marty and Brenda on the fabulous finish in that ROADIE race ! Maybe Team Overdraught has a calling in both disciplines !!!!!!

Monday, September 19, 2005

Marty, Brenda, and Mike Do Their First Road Race!

Yesterday (Sept. 18th) we decided to test out our road legs and do the Midweek Cycling Club Fall Race Yesterday. It was held at Downsview park, and it was an amazing day for riding. The course was 1.9 km long, on very bumpy pavement. We all raced in the Beginners category, which included many Masters riders, and senior 3 riders (some of which I thought were ringers). The race format was 3 laps, then the officials would decide how many more based on the time of the first 3 laps. In our case, we had to do 12 more laps after the first 3. The race started at a furious pace, with a small climb followed by a false flat, and it was really tough hanging onto the peleton, averaging over 40 km per hour for the most part. But after the first 3 laps, the group started to settle down, and we were averaging around 35 km per hour per lap. Unfortunately, Marty, Brenda, and another friend, Matthew fell off the back, but continued to work hard together and get'er done. Myself and another friend Tesshu, stayed on the pack by the skin of our teeth.

As the pace settled, it became easier, especially being in the draft in the pack. Then the money laps started - laps 7,8,9 were sprints for 20 bucks each lap. Those were tough laps, but by the third sprint, most of the sprinters were cooked, so the pace went back to semi-normal. With 2 laps to go, the pack was twiching a bit, and with one lap, there was an attack at the top of the climb by two riders. There was a response by a few of us - a group of five, which I stayed with. We started to close the gap on the downhill when a rider in our group broke away and started chasing down the two leaders. When we hit the final straight, I thought I might be able to catch the rider in third, so I dropped the hammer and broke away. I was really surprised that no one responded, since most of the riders in my group were leading the pack for the majority of the race. As I approached the finish line, I looked at my computer, and saw 52 on the speed- sweet! Then I saw a wheel approching me, and it was some dude chasing me down - he ended up beating me by a wheel at the line. So I got fifth place. But the sweet thing is I got 25 bucks prize money for it! And Brenda also got 40 bucks for her place in the womens category! Sweet.

So thats about it - squeezer time this weekend! I'm totally stoked. I have my overdraught jersey smelling all nice again, ready to hammer.


Tuesday, September 13, 2005

24 Hr Team Pics from Spectrum Imaging

Check them out at

We look hot!

Monday, September 05, 2005

24 Hrs Rpt from Chico Racing

With well over a week of recovery time behind you, we hope you and your team are still reveling in the amazing experience had by all at the 24 Hours at
Albion: Hot August Nights presented by Sporting Life.

With a looming and scary forecast leading up to the event, it was looking like an interesting weekend ahead. With over 3 inches of rain dumping Friday afternoon, and widespread flooding in the GTA, our team was praying for the rain to stop. Once the rain finally ceased all Chico and Albion Hills staff sprung into action inspecting and repairing the course, campsites and roads.
It was looking similar to the 24 Hours of H20, but the water was beginning to recede, and the race course was looking remarkably dry in most areas.

Saturday approached with an overcast, but very warm day with occasional sprinkles and sunshine. Thankfully due to re-routes the course was in excellent shape and people’s spirits were up and everyone was having a great time. We dodged a few local showers and as Saturday evening rolled around and the band started the skies began to show stars! Sunday was a perfect day with sunny skies, and huge smiles, all around.

Special thanks to all the participants, staff, volunteers, sponsors and the venue who all rolled their sleeves up and made the 24 Hours at Albion: Hot August Nights presented by Sporting Life an awesome weekend. Chico Racing would also like to thank the following:

Ted Mcleod, Justin, and all the Ski Patrol, John Rychter, Paul, Tonia, Pschemic and the timing staff, Hayden for his hard work, Tom Ruppel for checking on washrooms, power and electrical, the registration staff Kathleen, Anik, Shannon, Lindsey, Alice, Ericka Hastie for all her help, Sean for course development and Robyn for administration, Steve C. and his food services, Shimano and their tech support, Sporting Life staff and their retail setup, Niterider, Kevin, Nancy and Bob and all, BLT and the Norco crew, Light and Motion with Franky and Dave, Brian and all the massage therapists, Albion Hills, Doug, John, Slim, Jay, Earl, Alex, Claire and all the staff, Barry for the electrical, Misfit Psycles and their gift of the bike giveaway, volunteers and support staff for the riders Vince Langdon and family for his awesome Mcing, Immunotec Research with Steve, Jeff and Gord, Don Gain and Harmony Printing, Yamaha Canada, Wellington Brewery, Yakima racks, Roger from Spectrum Imaging, Todd from Thin Air Pictures, Hangtime "the band", Mars and Effem Foods, Sugoi Clothing, OGC Canada and Camelbak, KHS Bicycles, Jamis Bicycle, Kicking Horse Coffee, Endurance Nutrition – Peak Bars, Smith Optics, Pedal Magazine, and Outpost Magazine.

Chico Racing had a few new contests for the 24 Hours at Albion event and the winners were Albion My Bike One Minute, Albion On My Ass The Next for Best Team Name, Team Slug With New Improved Slime for Worst Team Name, KHS for Best Campsite and Kirith Borsato for Best Lap Story. If you weren’t at the awards ceremony to hear about Kirith’s unbelievable 3rd lap disaster, you missed one of the craziest and most unlucky stories Chico has ever heard!

If you are not ready to put your bike away for the season just yet, plan to sign up for Chico Racings 8 hour relay charity event held for a good friend Luke who was paralyzed in a bicycle accident a few years ago. This “mini 24 hour event” will be held at Walker Farm just outside Uxbridge on September 24. Proceeds from the event will go to help with Luke’s constant battle for independence, so what better way to finish off the 3 event series than with a great ride for a great cause.

Congratulations to all the winners, finishers, participants and support staff for making it through the weekend. Registration will open for Chico Racing’s 2006 24-hour events in October 2005. You will be the first to know however, as we give past participants the first opportunity to register for these annual favorites. Thanks for you support in 2005 and we look forward to hosting you and your team again next year. Happy trails!

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Durham Durango - Sun Sept 11

Who's in for the Durango? It's a fun race, great course. I've ridden it 2 years running and make it a point of riding it to cap off the season. If I recollect, confirmed are: Dean, me, and Marty, maybe Drew? Info on race below. U need to register soon...

Pre-register early to receive your cool Ontario Enduro Championship T-shirt. Pre-registrations will close on Wednesday Sept. 7th at Fred's Farm. We will have a great enduro course at the Durham Forest and the neighbouring Glen Major Trail System. A few new technical sections developed in cooperation with Chico Racing and the T.R.C.A (Toronto Conservation Authority) will be sure to challenge all riders. Our new sprint enduro of 15km that will stay in the Durham Forest will award the best High School Sprint Enduro Champions. The short course will consist of a 32-35km loop, while the Provincial Enduro Championships will battle over two loops of the same course for the Ontario title.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

24 Hours later

21 laps, 10th out of 46, avg speed 13.7237, riding for 24:10:38

Register for Squeezer - get sweet Sugoi T-shirt

Site is http://www.libertybicycles.com/squeezer/v2/index.htm Event date is Sun Sept 25th.

Make sure to use Group Name = Team Overdraught and we are all SolarFlare level riders.

Mike takes the 1st Lap, ready to hammer

Looking all fresh before the race

Captain Overdraught's 24 Hr Rpt

Well, we are done! Starting from Friday evening when we drove through a fierce storm and later learned about tornado warnings in the area, we were wondering whether this year's event would be a mud-fest.

Thankfully, it wasn't. Bit of rain during the 24 Hrs, making for some tricky night laps but all in all weather and course conditions held.

From a Captain's perspective, thanks to all for a great event. To the riders - Dean, Mike, Ryan, and Marty it was an honour to ride with all of you and I hope we can do this again next year. To our stellar wrench, Drew, we couldn't have done it without you. Next year, we will find a slot for you to ride with us.

To the support crew - Brenda, Jules, Stephanie, and Sam - you rocked and were well, totally supportive. Thx to you all.

Special thanks to some great "foodie, foodie" - Stephanie's blueberry pancakes Sat morning, and Dean's tasty burgers Sat evening.

Final races for the season are; Durham Durangon, and the Squeezer. Let's go get'em!